We believe that ballerinas can tumble, gymnasts can dance, and everyone can cheer!

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Why Choose Farber's?
 Combo Classes
Our Program is so popular because it includes tumbling, trampoline, dance, and cheer, all in one class! This is a program we developed because there is so much overlap in early training for these sports!
As they move to more advanced levels then they can narrow down their focus if they choose to.
You can trust that we respect the integrity of our students by using dance moves and costumes that are modest. Our music is positive and uplifting. We often use Christian music, especially for the Christmas show.
Our sister discounts are the best!
Just want to tumble? We have that too. Sign up to get your back handspring, tuck, or twist.
Brad and Julie, daughter Kayla, and youngest son AJ are coaching in Noblesville. Brad and Julie were both gymnasts. They began coaching in 1979. They have coached Blackford High School and Delta High School. They are former owners of "The Performance Academy" where they had competitive teams of Dance and Cheer.
They have coached junior Olympic USAG, and have had several state-level competitors and finalists. They have been safety certified. They have also produced well over 30 dance recitals. Kayla has been involved since before she could walk. She has competed in ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, cheer, and gymnastics. She is also a national UCA staff member. AJ is an all-star baseball player, a tumbling coach, and is a business major at IUPUI.  Julie is also a blogger who writes devotion pages for girls and women. Brad is also a wedding DJ, a sound engineer, and plays bass guitar on a worship team.  Brad and Julie welcomed their first grandchild (Emmett) into the family last year thanks to oldest son (and IT guy), Daniel and his wife Alison.
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17455 Bataan Ct

Noblesville, IN  46062