Fun Festival

July 25th, 2020

2:00    Rockets Serenity Childers, Kendall Vogt, Greta Garrison, Jossi Porterfield, Allie Clarke, Leah Durbin, Makayla Jamison, Andi Wooldridge, Evelyn Gronski, Liberty Winton, Rachel Howe and Hallie Lee.

2:15     Blaze Ava Westerhof, Sophie Gomillion, Taylor Hoover, Sydney Morarity, Josie Morarity, and Reese Walters.

2:30     Jets Lexee Sweeney, Nyla Tracy, Addison Wiencken, Avery Page, and Claire Brown.

2:45     Glitters #1 (Teal) Henlie Lee, Gabby Winton, Norah Vogt, Emerson Anderson, Livy Wright, Olivia Welch, and Demi Pratt.

3:00     Katherine Naylor Solo

3:15    Pop Stars #1 Darcy Bergman, Megan Millikan, Molly Kistler, Liana Isidoro, Khloe Greenland, Baylor Hampton, Ava Kirtley, and Lily Gambino.

3:30    Glow Stars Anam Survant, Laura Howe, Piper Fredricks, and Noelle Fredricks.

3:45    Glitters #2 (Pink) Nora Wooldridge, Victoria Thomas, Mackenzie Nicholson, Henley Schmitt, Danielle Hallmark, Ingrid Lacey, Cora Dixon and Aria Williams.

4:00    Maddie Zepp Solo

4:15    Twinkles #1 Maggie Irelan, Elowyn Distefano, Sienna Kusters, Nora Zurawski, Kally Krumwied, Allison Hallmark, and Ellie Morrison.

4:30    Dafne Lopez Solo

4:35    Intermission

5:00    Dance company Flipettes and Lightning.

5:15    Glitters #3 (Pink) Iva Sealey, Emma Ables, Noelle Wiseman, Taylor Johnson, Kaylin Shockley, Mia Morrison, Macie Ramey, Ava Arms, Miranda Knowles, and Bella Dubson.

5:30    Pop Stars #2 Taylor Sweesy, Maddie Owens, Myra Sealey, Ella Edwards, and Lyla Burrow.

5:45    Lightning  Anna Naylor, Olivia McCaffrey, Amayah Paslay, and Sylvia Vannette.

6:00    Flipettes Mazie Morrison, Emmy McHugh, Avery Rankin, Rylee Maharg, Victoria Wachowski, Alayna Southworth, Charlee Althouse, and Addie Cox.

6:15    Hot Shots  Taylor Morrison, Taylor Schoon, Alexa McCaffrey, Keily Lopez, Ella McHugh, Karli Dunn, Brooklyn Cox, and Haylee Wachowski.

6:30    Flyers  Maddie Zepp, Dafne Lopez, Katherine Naylor, Victoria Flanagin, Mady Carey, and Michelle Rezsonya.

6:45    Flames  Kendall Mertens, Irelyn Burns, Callie Holmes, Olivia Mackey, Savannah Paslay, Emily Baker, and Stella Marucci.

7:00    Sparkles  Collins Klippel, Brynleigh Sorrells, Carli Thomas, Kellen Stephenson, Everly McHugh, Reyna Hernandez, Ella Knapp, Vivian Jensen, and Noelle Yates.

7:15    Dance company Hot Shots and Flyers.

7:30    Twinkles #2  Harper Slater, Sofia King, Scarlett Smock, Emery Petit, and Harper Yerkes.

7:45    Dazzle  Makayla Wright, Rylee Howe, Mia Hensley, Emmy Cook, Addison Hackett, Caroline Owens, Ariel Allwardt, Kinsley Worley, and Kerrigan Denton.

8:00    Glitters #4 (Teal) Madelyn Ho, Melody Lankop, Ali Garringer, Addison Petker, Anniston Worley, Corrina Claffey, and Lilah Claffey.

Summer Spectacular


More info coming




All of our students get to perform in both of the recitals and trophies are given at the June show to all performers.  It is a great way to cap off a year of fun and growing!  


Our students purchase their costume in the fall and get to wear it to the Christmas show too. How's that for a good value, Mom? 


Recitals are the best way to see what the advanced classes are doing...very inspiring for young beginners.


Order your student's recital package   


Discount for a sibling or second class...



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