Instructions for Summer 2022 Recital at Noblesville High School Auditorium, Wednesday June 22 and/or Thursday June 23.

Find your childs name on the Recital Program to know when they perform.  Find their class day/time then see what set they are in.

Don’t come if you have any symptoms of any illness or have been exposed.  


Park on the east side of Noblesville High School and enter the auditorium doors. 


Don’t come too early. Do not plan to enter the building more than 10 minutes before your set starts.  We need to let families of each set leave before the new set comes in. There will be plenty of great seating.  Most sets are around 45 min. We will do our best to run on time, but hey, these are kids :)


Please arrive with costume on  and ready to perform.  (See info included with costume)


Meet your group right away.  Upon arrival performers sit with parents.  We will call groups to the back over the microphone.  


Students perform, receive trophy, then come off the front stage steps to the audience.  

We will direct you over the microphone at that time for one parent to meet each student and take her to sit with family and watch the rest of the show. Each set is one hour or less.


Always stay seated during performances so everyone can see.


PHOTO STATION - NEW!  Please take the time AFTER your performance to have the performer’s picture taken in the lobby of NHS by Tenth Street Photography.  We like to display each student at Farbers.  No obligation to buy.  


Have Fun- Help us make this day stress free and full of joy for our kiddos.