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We offer cheer classes to everyone K-12th! Our rec cheer classes consist of tumble training, cheer dance, cheer technique and more! These groups practice once a week for 50min-75min and perform in recitals.


Cheer, dance, and tumble combo

Learn dance routines with pompoms, cartwheels, bridges, kick-overs, round-offs, trampoline, and more! Beginner friendly.

IGNITE 4th-8th

Improve cheer technique, cheer dance, tumbling, and trampoline. Performs cheer dance and tumbling in recitals.

Master tumbling basics, including round offs, walkovers, and back handsprings.

ROCKETS 2nd-3rd

Cheer, dance, and tumble combo

Master the cheer basics: Jumps, kicks, motions, stunts and tumbling. Focus on back walkovers and back handsprings. Perform in recitals. Beginner friendly.

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